Friday, July 29, 2011

(It's Cold Gin Time Again) It's The Old89ers Podcast, Episode 3. Get SOME!

All About the Abstract (y Tu Madre)

ain't got nothing at all

been listening to clams casino and holy other together on shuffle and i have to admit i suffer a bit of confusion as to which one i am listening to sometimes. but i don't mind, i love em both. seems i'm a sucker for a well placed, nostalgia inducing and melancholic vocal sample. occasionally, i attempt to compound my confusion (not difficult, btw. oh, look a mote of dust! what does it mean?) and i add balam acab to the mix too.

just look at that little angel. how can it not be lovely?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Levon Helm and Emmylou Harris - Evangeline

I saw this video posted over at TMT today along with a nice little article and it really struck a nostalgic chord with me.

HSTRy of Rap II

These performances are simultaneously the corniest and raddest things ever

Sunday, July 3, 2011

killer tire/killer soundtrack/cheeky post title

'Rubber' is now available on Netflix for your instantaneous viewing pleasure. If you asked me I would say that you should watch it. It's a beauty, eh?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Henrik Wergeland; A Statue, a Park.

Back in college, maybe 1995 or '96, I worked on a little photo project where I took a series of photos of the Henrik Wergeland statue in Fargo's Island Park. Although the statue as subject matter was interesting to me - I like the pose, something about the stance says 'piss off' - the project was more about the great variation in the backdrop of Island Park.

The four seasons represent themselves well in that setting. The snow, the rain, the skeletal fall tree-branches, the snow covered Henrik, the oppressive silver-gray of the land and sky in both autumn and spring; all just looked very cool to me.

I found a couple of those photos randomly in a box recently. The rest are lost (in fact, I suspect that many more exist undeveloped on rolls of film in a landfill somewhere; not enough money for food = undeveloped film).

In any case, this morning while walking Ike through the park, I had my phone. Here is a silhouetted Henrik for old time's (old time?) sake.

Saturday morning, Early July, 7:15 AM. With Parks and Recs employees watering plants behind me.

No developing needed.