Wednesday, March 30, 2011

fear itself

you guys gonna read 'fear itself?' i will be - i like fraction and immonen quite a bit - don't think I'll be picking up DC's summer event though (except maybe the Azzarello/Risso Batman miniseries) yeah, ok. see ya.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

forever dolphin love

The Return of Sam's Predicament

My friend Betsy snapped this photo from the show the other night. I made $45, and I resisted blowing it all at Taco Bell. The times, they truly are a'changin'.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


"Since 2008's gorgeous 'Luminarium', Swedish troupe Tape have been holed up in their Summa studio in Stockholm, studiously busying themselves hand-crafting a follow up. And what a sequel it is; 'Revelationes' is everything you would hope for from the band and more, finding the well-worn sound of brothers Andreas and Johan Berthling pushing into darker, more downtrodden territory. The overwhelming prettiness of Tape's back catalogue has been pushed aside; echoes of Slint's genre-defining 'Spiderland' haunt the opening notes of 'Dust and Light', but when the signature organs and electronics finally make an appearance it is a markedly more subtle and melancholy affair than we might have expected from the band. 'Revelationes' is somehow deeply sad and incredibly affecting, but is a record flecked with hope - the curiously uplifting vibraphones, wavering theramin and jazz-tinged drums offering an occasional and much needed counterpoint to the mood. The band have refined their craft over an enviable selection of full-lengths, and 'Revelationes', which clocks in at an economical thirty-two minutes, is easily their most focused to date. No song drags or outstays its welcome, instead their pieces are pointed and enjoyable, bringing to mind Tortoise at their very best. A beautiful album - Highly Recommended"

-some review (that i can't, no mustn't [but could in the future {which is unknown}], fully endorse) from somewhere

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Wolf

check out Fever Ray's loverly new track, "The Wolf" from the soundtrack to the upcoming Red Riding Hood film:

Friday, March 4, 2011


lo and behold, little wings has a new album called black grass. i've only listened to it a couple times but this song has got my attention.

little wings - come fall

*art by andy kehoe

Louis CK asks Donald Rumsfeld if he is a baby-eating space lizard